Help during a Crisis

If you or anyone you know is struggling with life, there is help available. Often we feel ashamed or embarrassed at having to admit that we’re having difficulty coping. There is no shame in feeling that way. It is not weak to tell someone that you’re not doing ok. It is the first step towards taking positive action. There is always help, there is always hope.

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Depression and other mental illnesses make it almost impossible to reach out for help. That’s the nature of the illness. It feeds off of isolation. Very hurting souls are putting on a brave face and a big smile everyday, living up to social expectations, all the while, feeling turmoil inside. There are some things we can pay attention to. There are signs that are very subtly thrown out there to see if anyone catches them. There are behaviour traits that are similar enough for someone else to notice if they are looking. I know it’s hard to get engaged in other “responsibilities” but our loved ones, and our friends and family deserve the extra effort. People that talk about having suicidal thoughts are begging for help. A good “pep” talk isn’t going to resolve anything. They need medical attention and counselling, and perhaps medication to restore a chemical imbalance. We don’t have to worry about stuff like that. All we need to worry about, is if we notice something off, or that if we haven’t seen someone around as much as we ususally do, or if someone we know always wants to stay home in bed to avoid social interaction, they would benefit from someone reaching out to them to see if they are ok. Keep checkiing. Don’t stop telling that person how much they mean to you and the value they add to your life and the world. MOST importantly, do make sure they have the resources available at their disposabe, such as Website information about mental illness and help thats available, crisis hot line phone numbers, support groups, or literature. Provide them with information and options. They may not be able to see a clear way out. There may be no light at the end of their tunnel. DO educate yourself and those around you to care about others, to not be judgemental, to not make fun of people that are suffering, to not look away.

Call: 1-833-456-4566   Text: sms:45645

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