Women's Issues

Run With My Pride, Don’t bark…Roar!

There is little as impressive as watching a lioness valiantly defending her cubs from other predators. Even more astonishing is when she and her tightly knit female pride members band together to protect their cubs from rogue male lions. They risk life and limb in fierce battles against these vagrants that have come into the pride territory for a take over. Some female lions just accept the inevitable and watch helplessly as the new Kings of the Pride kill their young cubs. I’m impressed with the lioness that aggressively attacks a mature male lion in it’s prime that is twice her size and weight. Her ferocity is explosive. Many a time the females are able to fend off the male lions. I think we do the same thing. Some of us passively accept what life has thrown at us. Some of us go down swinging, only to rise up though the fire; stronger, tougher, resilient, tenacious, wiser, and determined. We also learn compassion, empathy, tolerance, acceptance, healing, and understanding. Certain things that happened to me as a woman make me want to roar. It’s instinct to want to speak up and protect myself and other women. Instead, I roar in a different way. I speak loudly, but I speak respectfully and stay on point. I speak out when I see a slight against women in any setting, in any forum, to anyone, regardless of position, prestige, or political power. If I don’t speak out, my face says it all for me.

Photo by Public Domain Pictures on Pexels.com

That little back cloud that followed me around for a couple months seems to have blown away. That’s life. Sometimes bad things happen. It’s out of our control. We can control the way we deal with it. For me, I feel driven to address the issues that keep women in a state of oppression. Why we feel so pressured to conform to unrealistic expectations put on us by many? Why are we left out or ignored when surrounded by a group of men in a business environment? Why is it when a woman express anger she’s called, “crazy” or “hysterical?” Why do men feel thay can talk over us? Why do men try to use their size, wealth, or power to intimidate us? Why do some men feel threatened by or intimidated by strong, independant women? These are things that happen to me and to women every day. Most of the time I take it in stride. Other times it gets pretty intense. Either way, we can’t sit around passively and watch our pride get taken over. We need to stick together. We need to support each other. We need to celebrate each other’s victories and console each other in defeat. We stand together united in a goal to achieve equality. Nothing less, nothing more. 

silhouette of four people against sun background
Photo by Dennis Magati on Pexels.com

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